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What do Lawyers do and How to Become One.

Lawyers, they are people who fight for justice in the rights of their client.Lawyers usually perform some of these practice areas, Drug Offences, Proceeds Of Crime, Bail, Gun, Firearm Offences, Assault, Violence, Homicide, Theft, Fraud , Property and Civil Forfeiture. To become a lawyer in Canada you must get a certain degree in university that will take up to 2 to 4 years of learning. When getting into law school you must get the Juries Doctor/Bachelor of Laws degree to become a practicing lawyer. Next you must complete and do an exam and admission course to be licensed as a true practice lawyer.

In this website you will learn What Lawyers Do and How to Become One as well as learning the Rules of the Court, The Laws and The Job of a Lawyer.

Courtroom Chairs
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Rules of the Court

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The Laws

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The Job of a Lawyer

When in court a lawyer must follow and pursue all laws of their city, province/ territory, country and most of all the laws of the court.

The laws help keep us in line and when their is trouble lawyers will be there right there for you. Laws is the reason that lawyers, to use the law to help the benefit of their client.

A lawyer's job, they can help protect and serve their client when they have been  wrongfully accused. They are called an attorney. But when a lawyer comes in to benefit the law and come against the client they are the main lawyer in the process.

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